Getting Your Cannabis Card

New and Renewal Patients

Registering for your DC medical marijuana card is a relatively straight-forward process. You will need:

  1. A current, government issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license or passport);
    NOTE: A driver’s license issued from another state is acceptable. However, if you have a DC driver’s license the address on your license must match the address on your application–if it does not, you will need to use an alternative photo ID (such as your passport).
  2.  Two forms of proof of DC residency. Acceptable documentation includes:
    1. Copy of current DC driver’s license or DC government issued ID;
    2. Voter’s registration card;
    3. Full copy of lease;
    4. Deed to property;
    5. Utility bill (Pepco or Washington Gas); and
    6. Copy of recent paystub showing DC withholding tax.
      NOTE: The addresses on your residency documentation must match the address on your application.
  3. A physician recommendation. Start with your own physician. If your physician is unable to provide a recommendation, you have several options.
    1. Schedule an appointment with a local practitioner:
    2. Stop by the dispensary to get information on alternative practitioners.
      NOTE: Patients that qualify for compassionate needs assistance should stop by the dispensary for alternative practitioner options.
  4. Two passport sized photos or a “selfie.” Photos must cover vertically from the base of your neck to over the top of your head and horizontally from ear to ear.
  5. A completed application form; and
  6. A money order for the registration fee.

Applications may be submitted electronically, mailed, or hand-delivered to the Department of Health. Some forms are available in English and Spanish. Links to the forms are provided below:

NOTE: We recommend that you drop your application and documentation off at the dispensary and allow us to submit the documentation and fees to the Department of Health.

Transfer Patients

Transferring dispensaries is simply a matter of completing a form and paying a fee. The link to the transfer application and instructions is below:

NOTE: The fastest turn-around time is received by patients who have hand-delivered their transfer application to the Department of Health. If that is not possible, than please drop the form off at the dispensary.

Payment of Fees

For a limited period of time, patients who choose Herbal Alternatives have two options for payment of the Department of Health registration fee:

  1. You pay the registration/transfer fee and you will receive a credit in the amount of the application/transfer fee plus $25; or
  2. Herbal Alternative’s pays your registration/transfer fee.