Choosing a Quality Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Choosing the right dispensary for you is a huge and very personal decision. The medicinal marijuana industry is booming, and it feels as if there is a new dispensary opening shop all the time. If that’s the case though, how do you know which dispensary is right for you? You need a dispensary that will not only provide great products but also excellent service, all in a safe and welcoming environment. You not only need friendly staff for customer service, but also knowledgeable staff to help you get the right strains for your medicinal need. We have put together a list of what we believe you should look for when choosing a dispensary for you and your health needs.

  • Excellent Quality: With many strains available that have different levels of THC and CBD, you need a dispensary that can promise you the best quality for both. Your dispensary should be providing you with great and fresh medicinal marijuana, so you don’t end up worse off than when you began or receiving no benefit for using the marijuana. Our products are all ADA compliant, and Herbal Alternatives is one of the few dispensaries in DC that properly stores our inventory in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.
  • Great Quantity: Many dispensaries will have either great quality or great quantity but few have both. You not only need excellent quality marijuana, but you also need your dispensary to have a great quantity of it too. When it is time to go and get more medicinal marijuana, you need a dispensary you can count on to carry the products that you need to get the pain relief you are searching for. Our dispensary offers a wide variety of ways to use medicinal marijuana as well: flowers, pre-rolls, medibles, concentrates, topicals, and accessories.
  • Dispensary Location: You need a place that is safe in location. We are located just a few minutes away from the Dupont Circle station and just a couple blocks away from some of the greatest museums in our nation. As long as you have quick access to the Metro, we are just a quick train ride away. You can choose a day of downtown sightseeing and finish the day by picking up your products before heading home.
  • Privacy of Information: Your information needs to be protected. Just like you and your doctor have a confidentiality agreement, you should have that same agreement with your privacy. Our dispensary has private consultation rooms where you have a safe place to share what you are going through. You never have to worry about anyone else knowing your information. We, just like you, value privacy and would never want to do anything that would compromise yours.
  • Knowledgeable Staff: We are a judgment-free, friendly zone. Each of our staff members has a personal history with the use of medicinal marijuana. During your private consultation, our staff can help share what got them through their difficult time and helped them on their journey of healing. We have over 30 years combined cannabis industry experience and enjoy sharing our stories to help someone else be able to start their journey toward healing.

It is our primary goal to see that your safety and well-being are top priority. At Herbal Alternatives, we believe we have achieved this goal with our excellent quality and great quantity of products, our safe and convenient location, our privacy policy and private consultation rooms, and our expert, knowledgeable staff. We look forward to helping you begin or continue on your healing journey at the best dispensary in Washington, DC, Herbal Alternatives.