Tips For Cooking With Cannabis

Throughout the last few decades, people have changed their view on cannabis. It is now being seen as a healthier alternative to traditional western medicine. Many states throughout the country have begun to legalize the use of medicinal cannabis, allowing the freedom to choose a healthier option for each person’s individual needs. At Herbal Alternatives, we offer a wide variety of cannabis edibles, including flowers or tinctures to add to your cooking and baking. 

Edibles are one of the best ways to consume cannabis

There are quite a few different ways that you can feel the benefits of medical cannabis: smoking, vaping, topicals, and edibles. While smoking and vaping gets the job done, it can take a couple of hours before you start to feel the effects. Topicals are also a great option, but that will only affect the area where the topical was applied, leaving edibles as one of the top options. Once you have ingested the edible, your body immediately starts processing the cannabis and revealing the healing effects. 

Four tips to remember when cooking with cannabis

You do not have to be a master chef to create great-tasting edibles in your home. These four tips are important and will help you in the cooking or baking process when using cannabis. 

  • Tinctures or Flowers: You can either use flowers or tinctures to create the best edibles ever. Tinctures are used just by simply using the dropper and adding it straight into your edible mix. When you use the flowers to make edibles, there is one more step to the process. You need to ground up the flowers to powder before adding it to your food. Once you’ve added the cannabis, continue the recipe like normal. 
  • High or Not: The first thing you need to do is think if you want to feel the psychoactive effects or not? THCA is what the cannabis is before heat has been applied to it, but once heat is applied, it turns into THC which gives you the psychoactive effects. If you are wanting the high feeling at the end of the evening, all you need to do is bake or cook with heat. If you do not want the psychoactive effects, we recommend using it mixed with salad dressing or applied other ways to a non-heated food.
  • Pick Your Flavor: Now that you have decided how you want to feel after eating your edibles, you need to pick your flavors.   If you are making some sweet-flavored edibles, you may want some sweet-flavored strains to add like LA Chocolat 2x Strength or Grapefruit Krush #4 2x Strength! If you are adding tinctures to a main dish and just looking for a little down to earth flavor, you might try something like Blue Cheese Tincture or Pineapple Skunk Tincture
  • Measure and Stir: Make sure that while you are mixing in the cannabis, you measure properly. If you use too much, not only will that affect the taste of your food but you will also run out of cannabis faster. In addition to measuring properly, make sure to stir evenly. In order to make sure that your cannabis is distributed evenly, you need to stir, stir, stir. If you have made a batch of brownies for the week and did not stir evenly, one night could leave you feeling really great while another night you might not feel any of the effects from your edibles. 

If you are wanting to try your hand at baking your own edibles, contact us today and let us help you find the best products for your edible creations.